The average annual growth rate of Zhejiang’s digital economy patents is 27.8%

On October 24, the Zhejiang Intellectual Property Protection Information Conference was held in Hangzhou. Zhejiang Online reporter learned from the meeting that at present, the province handles more than 10,000 administrative cases of patent infringement disputes, the satisfaction rate of intellectual property protection is 86.02 points, and the average annual growth rate of digital economy patents in the past four years is 27.8%, ranking first in the country.

Up to now, Zhejiang has 1.95 million valid patents, including 111,000 high-value invention patents and 4.3 million registered trademarks. In order to effectively protect intellectual property rights, Zhejiang has strengthened the governance of intellectual property infringement in key areas and key links, and established a “simple case expedited” mechanism for patent administrative rulings. The case handling period has been reduced by more than 50%, the mediation success rate has reached 47.2%, and the number of patent law enforcement cases has led the country.

In terms of key protection, Zhejiang has carried out special actions such as the protection of intellectual property rights in e-commerce platforms and professional markets, and severely cracked down on abnormal patent applications and malicious trademark registration. Up to now, the province has investigated and dealt with 1,407 cases of intellectual property violations. From the perspective of source protection, Zhejiang has built 16 industrial patent navigation service bases, patent navigation services cover more than 90% of innovative enterprises, and the three scientific and technological innovation highlands of digital economy, biomedics and new materials have reached 188,000 invention patents, and the average annual growth of digital economy patents in the past four years is 27.8%. At the same time, Zhejiang accelerated the construction of patent examination capacity, and the licensing cycle of high-value invention patents was reduced from 14 months to 42 days at the fastest.

Gu Wenhai, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau (Intellectual Property Office), introduced that Zhejiang has built an online and offline integration and three-dimensional service network. Online, Zhejiang iteratively upgraded the digital application of “Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online”, with a total of 203,000 registered users and 6.89 million service enterprises; Offline, Zhejiang has built 22 intellectual property service industry clusters at or above provincial level, 407 brand guidance service stations, and 15 national intellectual property protection centers. In the next step, Zhejiang will also focus on four aspects: the improvement of intellectual property creation quality, the upgrading of protection effect, the acceleration of transformation and application, and the optimization of service foundation, and constantly improve the level of value-added service capabilities.